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Titanic Entrance Feature

Melbourne Museum

One of the most riveting stories ever told is the tragic demise of the great ship, Titanic, where the contrast between the ship’s grandeur and the horrific death suffered by its patrons is compelling.

In 2010 Melbourne Museum hosted the international touring exhibition, 'Titanic - The Artefact Exhibition' that became one of their highest grossing exhibitions ever. The focus was on original artefacts salvaged from the Titanic and visitors were taken on a simulated journey through that fateful night.

Arterial was commissioned to design a striking entrance that would provide an area for visitor induction as well as enlarge the display space. The design saw the Titanic's bow created in forced perspective, giving the illusion of a much larger portion of the ship being present. The internal wall structure was custom designed to match onsite architecture, enabling future exhibitions to re-use the core structure.