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Guilfoyles Volcano

Royal Botanic Gardens

Set in the heart of Melbourne the Royal Botanic Gardens is a much loved heritage site with a lively events calendar and high visitation numbers.

The Gardens has quite a history, beginning with a botanic science focus and then ‘flowering’ under the whimsical creative talents of Director, William Guilfoyle. Guilfoyle’s creativity was seen in his water storage solution of 1876. He built a Volcano sculpture to store water, then planted curving avenues to replicate channels of overflowing lava.

135 years later the volcano was unearthed and reinstated as a water storage facility with the added bonus of becoming a central focus for sustainability education. A range of interpretive signage was designed by Arterial who drew inspiration from the story of water, the plants and the volcanic structure. The signage sits comfortably in the landscape and provides multiple layers of information about sustainability, botanic history and plant information.