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Underwater World Sea Life Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba - Queensland

Mooloolaba’s Underworld SEA LIFE Aquarium required refurbishment to highlight the region’s aquatic treasures, its turtle and seal rescue programs and the amazing array of marine life that can be found in its tidal pools and coral reefs. Arterial designed new theming and graphic elements for these areas and used large-scale wall graphics, lighting, audio-visual effects and interactives to convey the magic of the underwater and coastal experience.

Arterial also created an entirely new interpretive display for the aquarium’s largest collection of jellyfish in Australia. In Jellyfish Kingdom, visitors learn about these extraordinary creatures in an immersive multi-media spectacle. The jellyfish mirror rooms reflects the mesmerising vision of hundreds of jellies rhythmically propelling themselves through the water. In another area a floor projection uses clever interactive animations to demonstrate how jellyfish use jet propulsion to dart away from intruders. Visitors can also manipulate colour and light to refract through the jellyfish’s translucent bodies, and peer through a taleidoscope to see gorgeous kaleidoscopic patterns generated from these creatures of the deep.