Meet Arterial

a multi-disciplined design team

Karin Derkley

Content Co-ordinator Researcher and Writer

PhD in History,Bachelor of Communications Studies, 

Graduate Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

A Member of the Professional Historians Association of Victoria.

Karin Derkley is a historian, professional writer and editor. She has worked as a writer for over twenty years, researching, writing and editing material targeted at various readerships and across a range of media, including for magazines, websites, and multi-media. As a magazine and website editor she is skilled at bringing together content from a wide range of sources and shaping it into a coherent and meaningful form. She is also an historian who has recently completed her PhD on the early history of Tasmanian settlement.

As a researcher and writer, Karin prides herself on quickly grasping complex information through research and interviewing experts – and then translating that into a form that is readable and engaging to an interested non-expert reader. Working as an historian, Karin is an avid collector of primary material including letters, diaries, photographs and other imagery that combined with intelligent analysis can bring to life experiences and events from the past. As a storyteller, she aims to engage the heart and spirit as well as the mind.

Karin writes and researches all of Arterials communications.